Is there Really Finding Nemo 2 in the works?

Is There REALLY Finding Nemo 2 in the Works?

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Will There Be a Finding Nemo 2?
There is big news for Disney Pixar fans… well, maybe. Really, it’s just big news about rumors.
According to new “reports,” not only did a Finding Nemo 2 get the green light from Pixar, but a Toy Story 4 did as well. But is there any truth to the rumors?
There has radio silence from the Walt Disney Company on the subject, with no statement, quotes or real releases to go by. So where are these rumors coming from?
While many believe that Toy Story 3 had the perfect ending to the series, there is gossip (mostly on Twitter) that there is a number four is indeed in the works — this coming straight from Woody himself (well, Tom Hanks that is.) But that is actually old news, really, really old news from a BBC interview from June, 2011 where Hanks “leaked” the “news.” And it would seem to be pretty odd that they would develop a Toy Story 4 unless it was a prequel like the story of how Woody, Buzz and the gang were manufactured marketing and sent to market. But my 6-year-old said that she “has a really, really big feeling there will be and it’ll be about Bonnie and the toys.” Adding that it’ll be “really, really, cool.” But that may just be her wishful thinking. She also wants a pony. But that ain’t gonna happen.
But the word of a Finding Nemo 2 is more reliable, with Deadline and E! Online reporting on the news, in particularly the part about John Carter’s director Andrew Stanton’s possible involvement. Which is notable since John Carter was such a disappointment at the box office but in his favor, Andrew Stanton did win Oscars for his work on Wall-E and Finding Nemo.